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Meet your coach, Erin!

I decided to become a Personal Trainer and nutrition coach when I discovered that it allowed me to do two of my favorite things: teach, and share my passion for health and wellness with others. Exercise and intuitive eating have transformed my life, and my passion is to help women discover the life-changing benefits of both.

I am a real person, with real struggles. In the past I battled disordered eating, weight loss, weight gain, body image issues and more. 

I finally got tired of yo-yo dieting and exercising. I set some goals for myself that were manageable and found that brought both physical transformation, and the mental "win" of doing something good for my body. When I let go of dieting rules, began eating in a way that honored my health, and used exercise as a way to get physically and mentally fit, my life changed for the better. 

I have worked with many women of varying backgrounds, different levels of experience, and from different walks of life to transform their lives. Are you ready? Let's work together to move you toward optimal health. 

Fitness and Nutrition Services

Live Fit Sculpt

The 12- week Sculpt Program provides the expertise and accountability of having a personal trainer, in a virtual space.

Build muscle and shred body fat with expertly crafted strength training sessions each week. Home or gym, beginner or advanced.


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Live Fit One-On-One Coaching

Workout and improve your nutrition from anywhere via the Live Fit App. Home or gym options available, customized to your specific needs. Build strength, lose body fat, gain muscle definition, increase confidence and feel empowered. Inquire about in-person training sessions in the greater Portland area!

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Live Fit Power Hour

Ready to level up your training & nutrition game? Power Hour is a one-time, strategic planning session for your specific goals. Click here for more details about what's included. We look forward to helping you reach your goals!


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