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We know that the fitness world can be a confusing place. So if you’ve ever felt frustrated, defeated, or overwhelmed by all of the information out there, we get it.

We’ve been there too.

If you’re someone who… 

  • Has tried every diet imaginable 

  • Loses weight, but tends to gain it all back 

  • Doesn’t even know where to start to reach your goals 

  • Struggles to maintain consistency with workouts and nutrition plans

You’ve come to the right place.

At the Live Fit Collective, our mission is to promote a whole-body approach to health and wellness to ensure life-long, sustainable success. With the Live Fit Collective, you’ll have the efficiency and accountability of personal training in a virtual space, providing you access to the resources you need to truly change your life. We’re about more than a great training program and solid nutrition strategy. We’re about community, growth, and personal development.

Is the Live Fit Collective program for me?


If it is you’re...

  • Eager to show up and put in hard work
  • Coachable - you’re willing to learn and make changes
  • Excited about taking control of your health
  • Prepared to transform your body and your mind
  • Excited about making positive changes to your health
  • Ready to make sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Looking for the accountability and mentorship of a great coach


Our approach is different. We’re not into restrictive dieting, detoxes, skinny teas, harsh coaching styles, or any other unsustainable approach. We’re here to help you break the cycle and develop a system that gets you results you can sustain.

One stop shopping for whole-body wellness.

Our Approach is Threefold


Client’s customized training programs are carefully crafted to meet goals, levels, experience, equipment, and schedules. We offer demonstration videos for every exercise we teach, and clients also have the ability to send in their own videos for form checks and technique purposes. We believe in a sustainable approach, so your workouts will always be tailored to your previous experience, health history, injury history, goals, and training preferences. No two programs are identical! Whether you’re training at the gym or from home, the Live Fit Collective has you covered.


Nutrition is a key component of any wellness plan. We specialize in nutrition for fat loss, muscle hypertrophy, performance, and longevity. We believe in helping clients discover a lifelong, sustainable approach to nutrition, all while helping them develop a healthy relationship with food. 

 How you nourish your body is essential to your energy levels, vitality, and performance in your workouts. At the Collective, we help clients develop their own nutrition protocols based on their goals and preferences. Nutrition coaching is developed with attention to the client’s history, relationship with food, metabolic health, and activity levels. Our goal is for you to develop the skills you need to approach your nutrition confidently and with ease.


The Live Fit Collective utilizes the resources of strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists, physical therapists, and mental health specialists. We offer monthly wellness workshops where you’ll hear from experts in each of these fields to help keep you learning and growing in your health journey. We’ve also written multiple handbooks that are included as part of your program to answer common questions and discuss popular training and nutrition topics. Your coaches are both your guides and your mentors. They’re happy to answer your questions, and love to see you learn and grow.

Here's what you get when you join the Live Fit Collective

  • A customized training program based on your goals and experience 
    • Home and gym options available & all workouts delivered through the Live Fit App with demo videos
  • Nutrition plan and education
  • Monthly wellness workshops 
  • A nutrition guide, covering nutrition basics and commonly asked questions 
  • A training guide, defining common terms and a deeper understanding of our method 
  • Formal, weekly check-ins with your coach 
  • Daily accountability and support with your coach and other members of the Live Fit Collective
  • Semi-monthly, virtual check-ins to discuss your training plan, nutrition, or any other areas needing support
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Here's how enrollment works:

Apply to work with us.

We want to get to know you and also make sure our program will be a good fit for you and for us. You can access our client application by clicking on the link below. Please be as thorough as possible with your responses! 

Set up your consult.

We'll reach out within 24 hours to set up your consultation call. This is where we'll get an even better feel for what you're looking for, discuss pricing based on the level of service you want, and match you up with a great coach. 


After your call, we'll send you a couple of pieces of paperwork to go over, along with an invite to our training platform. You'll also receive full access to all of our resources so you can get started right away. This is where the real fun starts!

Connect with your coach.

Your coach will reach out within 48 hours to connect by phone so you can get to know one another better. They'll go through a quick movement assessment with you, and then begin writing you a training program based on your goals and needs. 

Live Fit Collective 

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Erin Davison

Erin, owner and head coach of Live Fit PDX, is a NASM certified personal trainer and PN1 nutrition coach. She specializes in women's wellness, mindset coaching, Intuitive Eating, and physique development.

She is passionate about helping individuals meet their goals in a long-term, sustainable way. She believes in the power of a holistic program, dedicated to movement, nutrition, mental health, and personal growth. She uses her experience as a former teacher to help educate clients, empowering them to approach their health plan confidently.  Training is a powerful tool in transforming the body and mind, and Erin loves helping others harness that inner strength.

When she's not working with clients, you can find her hiking somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, taking weekend trips to new places, and having backyard BBQ's with her family. 

Live Training Sessions

Portland, OR / Vancouver, WA in person OR Virtual Training Sessions:

We offer private and semi-private personal training. We can help clients of all ages and fitness levels move with confidence, and reach their fitness goals. Send us a message for more info!