Everyday Nutrition

Food Freedom Forever

Heal your relationship with food.
Feel confident in your body. Kiss dieting goodbye.

If You've Ever...

  • Praised yourself for eating very little in a day...
  • Beaten yourself up for eating "off plan"...
  • Used food as a way to cope...
  • Found yourself yo-yo dieting...
  • Told yourself, "new diet starts Monday"...
  • Spoken harsh words to yourself about your body...
  • Restricted food and as a result overate or binged later...
  • Lost weight, then gained it back...
  • Skipped social gatherings for fear of what/how to eat there...

This program is for YOU. 

Nutrition Made Simple.

The LiveFit Everyday Nutrition program is a mind-body approach to nutrition that gets you back to your roots. This is NOT another diet or form of restriction. It's a sustainable approach to nutrition that you can practice forever.

When you join the LiveFit Everyday Nutrition program, you'll learn to:

  • Listen to your body and hunger/fullness cues
  • Experience freedom to eat all food groups
  • Learn to distinguish emotional vs. physical hunger
  • Make peace with food
  • Enjoy social gatherings and learn to navigate food focused events
  • Apply gentle nutrition principles to optimize your health

The beauty of this process is that it IS possible to experience food freedom in a fresh way.

Simple Steps. Big Impact. 

You are the expert of your body. It provides you with signals every day. The goal of this program is help you tap in to those natural cues, and to apply them to how you approach nutrition.

You'll work through four phases, all delivered through online course material with video descriptions and lessons to really digest the information. This simple 4-step process will allow you to feel confident navigating nutrition, become an expert at eating intuitively, and allow you to experience food freedom, forever. 

Ready to get started?

Here's how it works:

Gentle Nutrition

This part of the course will educate you on nutrition, the science of food and the science of weight loss. I'll teach you how to plan go-to meals and how to determine perfect portions for your specific goals.


We'll uncover eating patterns and habits, and undo dieting mentality so you can prepare to practice sustainable nutrition. In this section we'll discuss emotional eating, and long-term sustainable nutrition habits.


In this phase, we'll work on listening to hunger and fullness cues. You'll learn the methodology behind eating intuitively, as well as additional tools and strategies you can learn for sustainable weight loss.


Transform your body, mind, and LIFE. In this phase we'll put everything into practice so you can leave the program confidently with hands on experience that you can use for a lifetime of optimal, healthy living. 

LiveFit Everyday Nutrition Program

Eight-week group coaching program with other like-minded, kick-ass women, like you!

Here's what you get:

  • Two group coaching calls each week. Recorded and posted in case you have to catch up later!
  • Instruction and education on nutrition, and Q&A focused sessions
  • Two 30-min one-on-one sessions with me to create a plan for your personal success 
  • Online guided course content
  • Course material and assignments that you can save and access forever
  • Membership in LiveFit Everyday Nutrition social media groups 
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