Cut Update - Results So Far & What I'm Eating

Mar 14, 2022

Cut update! 

I'm down just under 2 lbs in a week which means what I'm doing is working - YAY. The scale has gone up a little, then gone down a little. I'm weighing every day right now. It's all normal. I only expect to lose maybe 5 more lbs in the next 3 weeks, and I'm not super interested in losing much more than that as I know that will put me about where I want to be, body fat wise.

Just as a reminder, I'm eating between 1900-2000 calories a day, strength training 5-6x a week, and using *mostly* incline walking as my form of cardio (with the occasional 10-15 mins on the stair-stepper if I'm really looking to burn out my legs).

So how is this different than my normal life? Well it isn't super different to be honest. My strength training routine has remained largely the same, but I've incorporated more designated cardio and am paying attention to my steps. I'm doing this specifically to help get myself into a little more of a calorie deficit. 

Additionally, I don't normally track and measure and weigh my food as I've transitioned to mostly eye-balling portion sizing and practicing Intuitive Eating. That said, it's extra important to a cut to ensure I'm eating adequate protein (so as to lose as little of my hard earned muscle as possible), so I'm tracking that along with my overall calories. 

Here's a bit of the kinds of meals I've eaten over the last week.. 

  1. Egg bites (made in a muffin tin) 
  2. Greek yogurt + a serving of paleo granola (a serving size of granola is shockingly small, yall.)
  3. Egg Roll in a Bowl (sometimes with jasmine rice, sometimes without) 
  4. Steak, jasmine rice, and broccoli 
  5. Chicken thighs, jasmine rice, and broccoli (I like broccoli, ok!?)
  6. Caesar salad with shredded chicken
  7. Protein shake with banana and powdered peanut butter
  8. Elk Tacos (at a restaurant) 
  9. Salad and salmon sandwich (also at a restaurant - also nabbed a couple of bites of fries off of my future mother-in-law's plate.. yep, tracked those too).

I list this stuff off to say that yes - you can eat lots of delish food while cutting. You can eat out at restaurants as well. It just takes a bit more strategy and thought. 

This week I intend to...

  • Continue tracking my protein and overall calories 
  • Keep my steps between 10,000-12,000
  • Do 2-3 designated cardio sessions of 30 minutes (steep incline walking or stair stepper or mix of both) 
  • Complete 5 strength training sessions
  • Do some damn mobility drills (I need it).
  • Show up for my fam and fit fam!

Questions? Curious about how you could apply this stuff to your own fitness journey? Head over to my Life Fit Collective page and fill out an application. I'd love to chat with you! 


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